Dr Alphia Possamai-Inesedy of University of Western Sydney and Dr Peter Rogers of Macquarie University are releasing a call for abstracts for an edited volume on  ‘Resilience, Trust and Adaptation: Bridging Theory and Policy’.
Please submit abstracts to Alphia at [email protected] by the 2nd of April.

Risk, it is argued, has become a central discourse in modern societies (Beck, 1992; Giddens, 1991), which frames identities and organises the governance of individuals and populations (Dean 1999).  While these theoretical perspectives are well established and supported by a growing amount of empirical research, the sociology of risk and uncertainty is still a bit like a supermarket. While there is some exchange between social science scholars, they reside in distinct disciplines with only limited dialogue to address the growing evidence that social problems are increasingly framed in terms of risk and uncertainty.   For Beck (1992) coming to terms with uncertainty is said to be the supreme challenge of our times.  This is especially salient for the scholar and practitioner grappling with the anticipatory knowledge of resilience, trust and adaptation.
A number of approaches (cultural, risk society, governmentality and systems theory perspectives) offer different explanations but there has been little comparative work which has sought to overcome the conceptual gaps between these ‘siloed’ approaches. An intervention is required to establish a bridge between these approaches and create a common ground from which specific social problems can be reframed and dealt with more productively by researcher, policy makers and practitioners. In this edited collection we aim to establish this intervention in the study of risk using concepts of ‘resilience’, ‘trust’ and ‘adaptation’ to bridge the divide between theory and policy. These three concepts, though often explored separately, when combined cut [...]