Risk, Life Course and Longitudinal Mixed Methods

Free methodology training

July 3 and 4 in Amsterdam

We invite you to participate in this workshop on methods in longitudinal research. Particularly we focus on interpretive and mixed methods research in the area of health risks and life course. The workshop combines lectures, discussions and hands on training. It will enable you to reason about, choose and apply mixed methods approaches.

Four thoroughly experienced scholars will give the workshop: Prof. dr. Nick Pidgeon, Professor of Environmental Psychology and Director of the Understanding Risk Research Group (http://www.understanding-risk.org/) at the University of Cardiff, Prof. dr. Karen Henwood, Cardiff School of Social Science, Prof. dr. Bren Neal, Professor of Life Course and Family Research at the University of Leeds and Director of the Timescapes study and Dr. Sarah Irwin, reader in sociology at the University of Leeds.

The workshop is open to staff and students. You can register free of charge, but cancelation comes with a administration fee of 50 Euro. Unfunded students in the field of risk research can apply for a small grant, covering hotel or travel costs. Further information and registration can be obtained through Rik Wester, at  [email protected].

The event partly follows up on an earlier workshop on longitudinal analysis organized by Silke Aisenbrey (Yeshiva University) and Daniela Grunow (UvA) and a recent workshop on Q-methodology. It is funded by the The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and supported by Daniela Grunow, by the program group Dynamics of Citizenship and Culture and by the Methods Lab of the AISSR (Gerben Moerman).

Looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam,


Christian Broer

University of Amsterdam