The ‘Baltic Region’ journal announcing a call for papers for the special issue “Risk and Uncertainty in the Baltic Sea Region”.

There are many new risks emerged during the past years for the Baltic Sea Region, including nuclear and political, demographical, cross-border and migrational, economic and social issues. All these problems demand a deep reflection and discussion, and we hope our journal will become a platform for the lively and fruitful discussion. We kindly invite all social researchers to publish their works on the different aspects of the risk and uncertainty in the region of the Baltic Sea – especially our colleagues from the  Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Russia and Belarus. The papers may concern as theoretical and applied issues, contain new research, pose a certain problem, describe the main results of research, offer a conclusion.


The ‘Baltic Region’ journal is published by the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in collaboration with Saint Petersburg State University, both of which are situated in two Russian cities at the Baltic Sea. A significant research force is concentrated at both institutions dealing with manifold problems of the Baltic Sea: ecological, historical, political, economic, and social ones. The problems under consideration are diverse and complex, though, a specialised scientific journal dedicated to the Baltic Region has not been published in Russia yet. The present journal is to fill in this gap.

The editorial council and the editorial board include representatives of different Russian and international research centres. We encourage eminent scientists in various fields from all Baltic States to contribute their articles to the journal. It will allow a comprehensive review of socioeconomic, political, and economic situation in the region, including controversial questions considered from different points of view. Special attention is [...]