SoRU Newsletter #5


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to present the fifth edition of the SoRU Newsletter. This edition starts with two reports on the highlights of the Research Network 22 “Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty” during the ESA Conference in Torino. Patrick Brown offers us an overview of the tendencies in research on risk and uncertainty based on the main theoretical perspectives and empirical issues represented in the conference papers.

They were many works inspired by the Foucault-tradition and also the impact of the financial crisis in highlighting issues of risk and morality. Patrick picks up the last session, on risk and responsibility, which explores novel and critical ways of studying risk and governmentality, and where topics that are gaining prominence, such as being “genetically at risk”, were widely discussed. The second report is from Gemma Mitchells, PhD Student at the University of Leicester. Gemma offers us an insightful and interesting take on the conference from the postgraduate point of view. It is interesting to notice that both reports share many impressions about the Conference. Gemma discusses how intellectually demanding the conference programme was. But she also highlights how by focusing on a couple of interesting topics relevant to her own research she was able to understand how she could embed the theoretical and empirical trends discussed within her own thinking. Clearly she has had a productive time in Torino and we wish her well in her future studies.

As a result of the Business Meeting, the nominations of Chair, Vice-Chair and Board Members from the RN 22 are published here. In the name of the network, we would like to thank Patrick Brown for his excellent work as Chair during the last four years, and welcome the new Chair, Anna Olofsson, from Mid-Sweden University, and the new Vice-Chair, Adam Burgess, from University of Kent.
In this edition, we call your attention for the deadline of the call for papers for the ISA Conference: September 30. That means that you still have a couple of weeks to send your abstracts. We posted all sections for the RN 22, in order to give you an overview of the network is planning to convene. The Conference will take place in July 2014 in Yokohama, Japan.

The newsletter contains an invitation to take part on a survey on interdisciplinary research on “disaster and resilience” for the EU-funded project ANDROID. We would like to encourage you to participate in order to help the promotion of cooperation among scientific communities.

We would like to invite you all to send commentary pieces for our newsletters, as well as book releases, information on new articles, and calls for papers.

Warmest wishes,
Renata and Martyn