5-8 September 2008

ISA Forum of Sociology Barcelona

TG 04 Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty

Session Streams & General Schedule

Session stream I

Rationalities of Governance and Regulation

Chair: Bridget Hutter, LSE, UK, [email protected]

Governance and Regulation: the State and Beyond (Fri, 5th, 15.30-17.30)

  • Anticipating Risk and Organising Risk Regulation: Governance in Public and Private SpacesBridget Hutter, [email protected], LSE, UK
  • The road planning process and public servants negotiating strategiespaper, powerpoint

    Vicki Johansson, [email protected], Göteborg University, Sweden

  • Prudent hybridisation of soft and hard law in nanotechnological risk regulationpaper

    Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung, [email protected], University of Twente, Netherlands

  • Transnational Self-Regulation in the Shadow of Hierarchypaper

    Jeanette Hofmann , [email protected], LSE, UK

Regulatory Reform, Trust and Legitimacy (Fri, 5th, 18.00-20.00)

  • Public Values and Public Trust: Responses to Welfare State Reformpaper

    Peter Taylor-Gooby, [email protected], University of Kent, UK

  • Risks in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) – An Approach Situated in Practicepaper

    Hervé Corvellec, [email protected], Lund University, Sweden

  • Social movements, local politics and governance of petrochemical riskspaper

    David Dueñas, [email protected], Universitat Rovira i Virgili1, Josep Espluga, [email protected], Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

  • How to govern genetic risks in insurance? “Experimental learning” as a new policy approachpowerpoint

    Ine Van Hoyweghen, [email protected], University of Maastricht, the Netherlands

Risk Regulation Regimes (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

  • Contrasting accounts of the new regulators of financial services and communications in the UKpaper powerpoint

    Peter Lunt, [email protected], Brunel University, UK

  • Risk Governance and the Displacement of FailureHenry Rothstein, [email protected], King’s College London, UK, Michael Huber, [email protected] University of Bielefeld, Germany
  • Institutional dimensions underlying (lack of) trust on information about technological riskspaper

    Josep Espluga, [email protected], Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Ana Prades, [email protected],Christian Oltra, [email protected], Nuria Gamero [email protected], CIEMAT

  • Corresponding risk-regimes, contrasting consequences: a comparison between the risk-discourses on gambling and smoking in the NetherlandsSytze F. Kingma, [email protected], Vrije Universiteit Amsterdamm, The Netherlands
  • Environmental Safety in Baltic Sea Oil Transportation – Global Regimes and Regional Adaptationpaper

    Björn Hassler, [email protected], Södertörn University/College, Sweden

Science, Governance and Risk (Sat, 6th 11.30-13.30)

  • Social Equity, Health Risk, and Environmental Tradeoffs in Agricultural Burning Systemspaper

    Julia Parker, [email protected], J.D. Wulfhorst, [email protected], University of Idaho, USA

  • Environmental regulation and institutional change for social changepaper

    Elizabeth A. Kirk, [email protected], University of Dundee, Scotland, UK, Alison D. Reeves, [email protected], University of Dundee, Scotland. UK

  • Biological diversity and the value of life: Who pleads for bugs and grubs?paper

    Ylva Uggla, [email protected], Örebro University, Sweden

  • Managing risk and uncertainty in participation in biomedical research: Trust, confidence, and regulation.powerpoint

    Carolyn Tarrant ([email protected]), Mary Dixon-Woods ([email protected]), Clare Jackson ([email protected]), University of Leicester, UK

  • Sustainable development and precautionary politics in Europe: the debates on air qualitypaper

    Tobias Arnoldussen, [email protected], Erasmus University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Morality of Risk – Risk Moralities

Chair: Johannes Brinkmann, [email protected], Norwegian School of Management, Norway

Risk, Insurance and Morality (Sat, 6th, 15.30-17.30)

  • Risk and Responsibility: Combining Two PerspectivesJohannes Brinkmann, [email protected], Norwegian School of Management, Norway
  • Insurance and solidaritypaper

    Jyri Liukko, [email protected], University of Helsinki, Finland

  • Securing family life – The morality of insurance and the domestic sphereTuro-Kimmo Lehtonen, [email protected], University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Insurance, Genetics and Risk Morality – Redistributing responsibility and solidarity in the molecular agepowerpoint

    Ine Van Hoyweghen, [email protected], University of Maastricht, the Netherlands

Other Issues on Risk and Morality (Sat, 6th, 18.00-20.00)

Risks in Financial Markets (Sun, 7th, 9.00-11.00)

Chair: Helena Flam


  • Banking on Uncertaintypaper

    Jocelyn Pixley ([email protected]) University of New South Wales, Australia

  • ‘Seeing risks amongst the numbers: visualisation and the use of qualitative techniques to quantify financial risks’powerpoint

    Michael Pryke, [email protected], The Open University, UK

  • The Risk of Compliance: Compliance Officers and the Transfer of Regulatory Tensions into Financial OrganizationsAlexandros-Andreas Kyrtsis, [email protected], University of Athens, Greece

Theorizing Risk and Uncertainty

Chair: Jens O. Zinn, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]

General Theorizing and Developments (Sun, 7th, 11.30-13.30)

  • Sociological Approaches to Conceptualize Riskpaper powerpoint

    Ortwin Renn, [email protected], University of Stuttgart, Germany

  • Everyday Strategies for Managing Risk and Uncertaintypaper

    Jens O. Zinn, [email protected], University of Kent, UK

  • After all these Years: Reflections on a Decade of Risk Perception and Risk Communication Researchpaper

    Tom Horlick-Jones, [email protected], Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK, and Ana Prades, [email protected], CIEMAT, Barcelona

  • A Complete Communicative Turn of Risk Researchpaper powerpoint

    Jordi Farré, [email protected], Jan Gonzalo, [email protected], Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain.

  • Risk and the Changing Nature of the Statepaper

    Olivier Borraz, [email protected], Centre de Sociologie des Organisations, Paris, France

Different Approaches and Specific Aspects (Sun, 7th, 15.30-17.30)

  • Technology and Complexity: The Perspective of Actor-System-Dynamics on Complex Sociotechnical Systems, Uncertainty, and Riskpaper

    Tom R. Burns, [email protected], & Nora Machado, University of Gothenborg, Sweden

  • The AND-model of Risk – How Discourse Theory AND Actor-network Theory might shed Light on Risk Issuespaper powerpoint

    Martin Hultman, [email protected], Linköping University, Sweden

  • Towards a Model-theoretical Account of Panic Based on Risk SociologyMargarethe Steinberger, [email protected], Federal University of ABC – São Paulo, Brazil
  • The Contingent of Religion in Modernity: Limits of the Category of Risk in the Theories of Secularizationpaper paper in English

    Felipe Gaytán Alcalá, [email protected], [email protected], La Salle University – Mexico

  • The Precautionary Logic: the Cases of Technology, Terror and Temperancepaper

    Roel Pieterman, [email protected], Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • Defending the Precautionary Principle against Three Criticismspowerpoint, paper

    Marko Ahteensuu, [email protected], University of Turku, Finland

Theorizing Risk and Uncertainty – Risk in Decision Making (Sun, 7th, 18.00-20.00)

Chair: Jens O. Zinn, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]


  • Modernity without Rationality? Differences of Rationality Concepts in Theories of Risk Society.Gerhard Panzer, [email protected], Technical University Dresden, Germany
  • The Interrelationship between Uncertainties and Decision Making in Complex Environments . A System Theory Approachpowerpoint

    Diana Ingenhoff, [email protected], Ivana Modena, [email protected], University of Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Quantitative analysis of the spread of risk perceptionpaper

    John Mehers, [email protected], University of Liverpool, UK

  • Other people’s emotions and their impact on decision-makingBrian Parkinson ([email protected]) & Gwenda Simons

    ([email protected]) Oxford University, UK


  • Complex Risk Judgments: Application of GGT to Multi-dimensional Judgmentspaper

    Tom R. Burns, [email protected],University of Uppsala, Sweden & Ewa Roszkowska, University of Bialystok, Poland

Power, Democracy and Risk

Chair: Ortwin Renn, [email protected], University of Stuttgart, Germany

Session I (Mon, 8th, 9.00-11.00)

  • Legitimations of European Food Safety Governance: Reflecting on the UK and Dutch Public Debates on Avian Influenzapaper

    M.P.M.M. de Krom, [email protected], Wageningen University, The Netherlands

  • Are you unhappy with the promises of democracy? Call the government customer’ servicepaper

    Daniela Vicherat Mattar, [email protected], Ana María Muñoz Boudet, [email protected], European University Institute, Italy, University College London, UK

  • The struggle with terrorism and political authenticitypaper

    Klaus P. Japp, [email protected], Bielefeld University, Germany

  • Risk Governance: Towards an Integrative Approach to Handle Risks in a Complex Worldpaper powerpoint

    Ortwin Renn, [email protected], University Stuttgart, Germany

Session II (Mon, 8th, 11.30-13.30)

  • Political Cultures of Public Engagementpaper

    Janus Hansen, [email protected], Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

  • Public Perceptions of Nuclear Power in Lithuania: Symbolic Meanings, Public Participation and a Quest for Democracypaper powerpoint

    Aiste Balžekiene, [email protected], Leonardas Rinkevicius, [email protected], Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

  • Constructing the Perception of Reality and TerrorismCynthia A. Karaffa, [email protected], [email protected], Carlow University, USA
  • Transitional Societies and the role of the NIMBY syndrome in Risk Issuespaper

    Ognjen Caldarovic, [email protected], University of Zagreb, Croatia

Risk and Health and Illness

Chair: Andy Alaszewski, CHSS, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]

Session I (Fri, 5th, 15.30-17.30)

  • Ethics, risk and healthAndy Alaszewski, [email protected]; CHSS, University of Kent, UK
  • Making sense of threats to health: is it time for the sociology of health to abandon ‘risk’?paper

    Judith Green, [email protected], London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

  • Researching Health and Risk: Some Methodological and Ethical ConsiderationsNick Pidgeon, [email protected], University of Cardiff, UK
  • Health, risk and divergence: lay and institutional strategies for preventing and managing diseasepaper

    Annmarie Ruston, [email protected], Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK

Session II (Fri, 5th, 18.00-20.00)

  • Institutional control and professional development: towards new connections in the governance of healthcarepaper

    Ellen Kuhlmann, [email protected], University of Bath, UK

  • Managing risk and uncertainty: early warning systems and the limits of discretion (patient safety, discretion and rule management)paper

    Anu Suokas, [email protected], M Dixon-Woods, E Pitchforth (University of Leicester), RJ Lilford, University of Birmingham, UK

  • Choice and Safety: the invocation of morals into processes of quality assurance and risk regulation in health care context. (Morals/ethics, risk regulation)powerpoint

    Ewen Speed, [email protected], University of Essex, UK

  • Trusting in the New NHS or in spite of it: the construction of knowledge by gynae-oncology patientspaper

    Patrick Brown, [email protected], University of Kent, UK

  • Private health insurance: governmental rationality and the public/private mix in the Irish healthcare systempaper

    Orla McDonnell, [email protected], University of Limerick, Dr. Orla O’Donovan, [email protected], University College Cork, Ireland

Session III (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

  • Formal rules and actual practices in public health organization. The case of Public Hospitals in Buenos Aires City. Argentina 2000-2004.paper

    Maria Crojethovic, [email protected], Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Permanency of Poulantzas ideas about the state: the specific case of Argentinean health system decentralization in ’90th decade.Maria Crojethovic, [email protected], Mariana Gómez Schettini, [email protected], Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Risk management strategies of patients in the context of pregnancy medical surveillance (patients, risk management strategy, pregnancy)paper

    Claudine Burton-Jeangros, [email protected], Raphaël Hammer and Samuele Cavalli, University of Geneva, Switzerland

  • Electronic Support Groups In an Era of Medical Uncertainty (Chronic illness and the management of groups, electroninc groups, lay perspective)paper

    Kristin K. Barker, [email protected], Oregon State University, USA

  • Managing uncertainty and risk in mental illness: individual and institutional strategies ( managing uncertainty, individual v instituions, mental health)Giedre Baltrusaityte, [email protected], Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Session IV (Sat, 6th, 11.30-13.30)

  • Contrasting risk priorities for health: the social construction of risk perception in NW Tanzaniapaper

    Nicola Desmond, [email protected], Medical Research Council (UK) and National Institute for Medical Research (Tanzania)

  • A critical examination of the public meanings negotiated through institutional discourses on fisheries risks: The case of the fishery in Newfoundland, Canadapaper

    Nicole G. Power, [email protected], Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • A Local Risk Reduction Facility and its Dependence from the Macro-social Context: the Case of a Mobile Harm Reduction Program in St.Petersburg, Russia (drug users, intervention, failure??)Nastia Zolotova, [email protected], Peter Meylakhs, [email protected], Centre for Independent Social Research, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Struggling to Give Substance to Risk Minimization:The Case of Swedish Snus (Tobacco, claims, medicalisation)


    Mark Elam, [email protected], Göteborg University, Sweden

  • Risk, uncertainty and the ‘dangers’ of public health medicine in fathers’ decision making on Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) vaccination (Vaccination, fathers, moral certainty)Davies, M ([email protected])/ Greene, G, Williams, G. Cardiff University, Wales, UK

Social Work and Risk

Chair: Jo Warner, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]

Session 1 (Sat, 6th, 15.30-17.30)

Session 2 (Sat, 6th, 18.00-20.00)

Risk and Crime and Prevention

Chair: Hazel Kemshall, De Montfort University, UK, kemshall@dmu.ac.uk

Session 1 (Sun, 7th, 9.00-11.00)

Session 2 (Sun, 7th, 11.30-13.30)


Risk, Difference and Social Inequality (Sun, 7th, 15.30-17.30)

Chair: David Abbott, SCARR, University of York and University of Bristol, UK, D.Abbott@bristol.ac.uk



Socio-Cultural Differences (Sun, 7th, 18.00-20.00)

Chair: Åsa Boholm, asa.boholm@cefos.gu.se


Risk as Media Event

Chair: Jenny Kitzinger, University Cardiff, UK, kitzingerj@cardiff.ac.uk

Session 1 (Mon, 8th, 9.00-11.00)


Session 2 (Mon, 8th, 11.30-13.30)


Biographical Coping with Risk and Uncertainty (shared session with RC38)

Session 1 (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

Chair: Gabriele Rosenthal, University of Gottingen, Germany g.rosenthal@gmx.de


Session 2 (Sat, 6th, 11.30-13.30)

Chair: Jens O. Zinn, University of Kent, UK, j.zinn@kent.ac.uk


The Everyday Management of Risk (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

Chair: Tom Horlick-Jones, horlick-jonest@Cardiff.ac.uk

Session 1

The Everyday Management of Risk and Edgework (Sat, 6th, 11.30-13.30)

Chair: Stephen Lyng, slyng@carthage.edu, Carthage College, USA


Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty and Public Debate (Sat, 6th, 15.30-17.30)

Chair: Peter Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent, UK, p.f.taylor-gooby@kent.ac.uk