5-8 September 2008

ISA Forum of Sociology Barcelona

TG 04 Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty

Session Streams & General Schedule

Session stream I

Rationalities of Governance and Regulation

Chair: Bridget Hutter, LSE, UK, [email protected]

Governance and Regulation: the State and Beyond (Fri, 5th, 15.30-17.30)

Regulatory Reform, Trust and Legitimacy (Fri, 5th, 18.00-20.00)

Risk Regulation Regimes (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

Science, Governance and Risk (Sat, 6th 11.30-13.30)

The Morality of Risk – Risk Moralities

Chair: Johannes Brinkmann, [email protected], Norwegian School of Management, Norway

Risk, Insurance and Morality (Sat, 6th, 15.30-17.30)

Other Issues on Risk and Morality (Sat, 6th, 18.00-20.00)

Risks in Financial Markets (Sun, 7th, 9.00-11.00)

Chair: Helena Flam


Theorizing Risk and Uncertainty

Chair: Jens O. Zinn, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]

General Theorizing and Developments (Sun, 7th, 11.30-13.30)

Different Approaches and Specific Aspects (Sun, 7th, 15.30-17.30)

Theorizing Risk and Uncertainty – Risk in Decision Making (Sun, 7th, 18.00-20.00)

Chair: Jens O. Zinn, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]


Power, Democracy and Risk

Chair: Ortwin Renn, [email protected], University of Stuttgart, Germany

Session I (Mon, 8th, 9.00-11.00)

Session II (Mon, 8th, 11.30-13.30)

Risk and Health and Illness

Chair: Andy Alaszewski, CHSS, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]

Session I (Fri, 5th, 15.30-17.30)

Session II (Fri, 5th, 18.00-20.00)

Session III (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

Session IV (Sat, 6th, 11.30-13.30)

Social Work and Risk

Chair: Jo Warner, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]

Session 1 (Sat, 6th, 15.30-17.30)

Session 2 (Sat, 6th, 18.00-20.00)

Risk and Crime and Prevention

Chair: Hazel Kemshall, De Montfort University, UK, [email protected]

Session 1 (Sun, 7th, 9.00-11.00)

Session 2 (Sun, 7th, 11.30-13.30)


Risk, Difference and Social Inequality (Sun, 7th, 15.30-17.30)

Chair: David Abbott, SCARR, University of York and University of Bristol, UK, [email protected]



Socio-Cultural Differences (Sun, 7th, 18.00-20.00)

Chair: Åsa Boholm, [email protected]


Risk as Media Event

Chair: Jenny Kitzinger, University Cardiff, UK, [email protected]

Session 1 (Mon, 8th, 9.00-11.00)


Session 2 (Mon, 8th, 11.30-13.30)


Biographical Coping with Risk and Uncertainty (shared session with RC38)

Session 1 (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

Chair: Gabriele Rosenthal, University of Gottingen, Germany [email protected]


Session 2 (Sat, 6th, 11.30-13.30)

Chair: Jens O. Zinn, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]


The Everyday Management of Risk (Sat, 6th, 9.00-11.00)

Chair: Tom Horlick-Jones, [email protected]

Session 1

The Everyday Management of Risk and Edgework (Sat, 6th, 11.30-13.30)

Chair: Stephen Lyng, [email protected], Carthage College, USA


Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty and Public Debate (Sat, 6th, 15.30-17.30)

Chair: Peter Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent, UK, [email protected]