Stream A


(Chairs: Jens Zinn; Tom Burns)

Session I (Thursday 9.00-10.30)

Jens Zinn, [email protected]

A sociology of risk and uncertainty

João Areosa, [email protected] ; Hélder Raposo, [email protected]

Risk and health: Epidemiology and the new forms of governance

Luigi Pellizzoni, [email protected]

Risk and responsibility in a manufactured world

Mariolina Graziosidi, [email protected]

Risks of the risk society: Regessive ego and fear of freedom

Session II (Thursday 13.30-15.00)

Mikko Jauho, [email protected]

Setting up the risk society? The rise of the epidemiological risk factor model into Finnish public health research and policy

Anna Fici, [email protected]; Valentina Punzo, [email protected]

Risks in an interdisciplinary prospective. The advantages of a simulative approach: study-case analysis

Tom R. Burns, [email protected]; Nora Machado, [email protected]; Vitor Barros [email protected]

The riskiness of some persistent taxonomies: A methodological and ethical note

Distributed Paper:

Carmen Diego Gonçalves, [email protected]

Seismic hazard on the ambit of sociology of risk and uncertainty


(Chair: Marko Ahteensuu) (Thursday 15.30-17.00)

Marko Ahteensuu, [email protected], Helena Siipi, [email protected]

Public consultations and democracy – The Case of GMOs in the EU

Beatriz Xavier, [email protected]

The implementation of medical advances: the constitution of Intensive Care Medicine as new speciality in a central hospital

Alexandros Khoury, [email protected], Athanasia Chalari, [email protected]

Reflexivity and Deliberative Modes of Governance in the Context of EU Risk Regulation

Pedro Duarte, [email protected]

Ecology: Public disputes and controversies – Forms of political mobilization

Distributed Paper:

Marko Ahteensuu, [email protected]

Environmental Risk Governance and Citizen Input. An Analysis of Decision Outcome-Based Arguments

Everyday Life & Life Course

Session I (Chair: Sarah Moore) (Friday 9.00-10.30)

Marta Martins, [email protected]

Condominiums, risk and quality of Life. A discussion (also) about the city – a trip over the contradictory space?

Sarah Moore, [email protected]

Drinking like the Guys or Drinking with the Girls? The Role of ‘Risk-Talk’ in British Female University Students’ Stories of Alcohol


Susana Silva, [email protected]

Viewing assisted reproductive technologies’ risks and uncertainties through the lens of ecologies of knowledge and action: promises and challenges

Janine Winterbottom, [email protected]; Ciara Kierans; Ann Jacoby; Gus Baker;

The phenomena of preparing for pregnancy challenged by risk: a case study of a woman with epilepsy

Session II (Chair: Stefanie Kley) (Friday 13.30-15.00)

Silke Roth, [email protected]

Dealing with Danger – Risk and Security in the Everyday Lives of Aid Workers

Ulla Karin Nordänger, [email protected]; Per Lindqvist [email protected];

School-staging and back-watching – teachers strategies in risk-conscious schools

Annalisa Murgiam [email protected]

Between work and non-work. Risk transitions through life stories and everyday life

Stefanie Kley, [email protected]

Leaving the city in the face of unemployment and unemployment risk


(Chair: Patrick Brown; Michael Calnan) (Saturday 9.00-10.30)

Patrick Brown, [email protected], Michael Calnan, [email protected]

An ‘ideal-type’ of trust? Using Schutz to relate trust in systems to trust in individual professionals in the context of mental health services

Alexander Lascaux, [email protected]

Trust in the health care system: The risks of placing confidence in professional communities

Kayhan Delibas, [email protected], [email protected]

The Social Dynamics of Rumours in the Age of Risk and Uncertainty – The Relationship between Rumours, Risk, Uncertainty and Erosion of Social Trust in Turkey

Atte Oksanen, [email protected], Pekka Räsänen, [email protected]

Mass violence and social insecurity: the case of school shootings in Finland

Hospital Safety and Health Surveillance

Session I (Chair: Anu Suokas) (Saturday 11.00-12.30)

Nicola Mackintosh, & J. Sandall, [email protected]

The construction of risks and uncertainties in relation to the avoidable death

Susanna Finlay & J. Sandall, [email protected]

Regulating the uncertainty and risk of technique-centred innovations in healthcare

Sylvie Célérier [email protected], Thomas Amosse, [email protected], Anne Fretel, [email protected]

Occupational risks in France, the difficulties of an incentive system to encourage prevention

Session II (Chair: Martin Stevens) (Saturday 13.30-15.00)

Anu Suokas, [email protected]

Managing risk and uncertainty: the organisational dynamics of early warning systems

Marit Solbjør, [email protected]

Risks of health surveillance: the case of mammography screening in Norway

Martin Stevens, [email protected]

Reducing the risk? The operation of a barring and vetting scheme in care services in England and Wales


(Chair: Hanne Opdebeeck) (Saturday 15.30-17.00)

Maria João Simões, [email protected], Amélia Augusto, [email protected]

Surveillance, Ambivalence and Public Participation

Chris Young, [email protected]

A changing balance between risk management and rehabilitation? A discourse analysis of prison regimes in Switzerland since 1970

Anne Skevik Grødem [email protected]

Online sexual solicitation of young people: new risk patterns, or old risks in new arenas?

Hanne Opdebeeck, [email protected]

The interactive effect of strain and personal resiliency in the explanation of deviant behaviour: age and gender differences.

Stream B


(Chairs: Anna Olofsson; Susanna Öhman) (Thursday 9.00-10.30)

Jackie Goode, [email protected]

The role of gender dynamics in decisions on credit and debt in low income families

Michèle Amacker, [email protected]; Monica Budowski, [email protected]; Sebastian Schief, [email protected]

Coping with Precariousness – Household Strategies between Objective Constraints and Subjective Scope of Action

Anna Olofsson, [email protected]; Susanna Öhman, [email protected]

Risk perception and risk behaviour in a heterogeneous society: The impact of basic values and experiences of vulnerability

Ute Navidi, [email protected]

‘European Society or European Societies?’ – exploring divisions of age and class through attitudes to risk and uncertainty in play

Organization risk

(Chair: Sytze Kingma) (Thursday 13.30-15.00)

Sytze F. Kingma, [email protected], Natalia Zborowska, [email protected]

“Trans-national risks and the regulation of online gambling in the EU: Exploring Gibraltar as an ‘online gambling haven’”

Christel Backman, [email protected]

How employers construct risk and strategies for risk management in relation to hiring new employees

Pascal Viot, [email protected]

Spatial dimension of risk at major events: the case study of Geneva during Euro 2008

Shirshu Verma, [email protected], Abhishek Vaish, [email protected], Saumya Tripathi, [email protected], Aradhana Pandey, [email protected]

Optimizing uncertainty in complex industry Environment

Alex Coltro, [email protected]

Developing safety institutional culture in a risk society: an ecocentric paradigm

Zoonotic Risk

(Chair: Julie Barnett) (Thursday 15.30-17.00)

Dominic Duckett, [email protected]

An Intersubjective Approach to the Social Amplification of Zoonotic Risk

Julie Barnett, [email protected]

Risk reasoning around pandemic influenza

Afrodita Marcu, Julie Barnett, Marta Brodzinska, & David Uzzell, [email protected]

Risk perceptions of zoonoses in text vs. images: The impact of the social representations of animals

Helene Joffe, [email protected]

Patterns of content in public engagement with zoonotic and other emerging infectious diseases: continuities and discontinuities

Open session

(Chairs: Tobias Arnoldussen)

Session I (Friday 9.00-10.30)

Svetlana Harnisch, [email protected]

Risks of Misunderstanding in Multilingual Networks

W.J. Kortleven LL.M, [email protected]

Preventing child abuse fatalities: a critical investigation of Dutch child abuse inquiries

Elisabeth Anne Sekuła, [email protected]

Dangerous relationships between the autonomy and the nationalism on Upper Silesia (Poland) – the risk or the cultural capital?

Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen [email protected]; Jyri Liukko, [email protected]

Risky solidarity. The limits of insurance as a technology for distributing welfare

Session II (Friday 13.30-15.00)

Angela Cassidy, [email protected], John Maule

“So What Do You Mean by ‘Risk’, Anyway?” UK Stakeholder Knowledge of Food Chain Risks

Külliki Korts, [email protected]

Perception of the Estonian Genome Project: Perceived Risks and Benefits among the Estonian Population

Angela Cassidy and Charlotte Kenton, [email protected]

Vermin, victims and disease: public controversy over badgers and bovine TB in the UK

Session III (Saturday 9.00-10.30)

Pascal Viot, [email protected], Marion Penelas, [email protected], Valérie November, [email protected]

RiskPrint: an exploratory cartography of the spatiality of risks

Marta A. P. de Sousa, [email protected]

Forested commons, community, state and territory? How to limit damage from fire in forested areas, when «taskscapes» are increasingly more and more merely landscapes or natural areas?

Ilona Banaszak, [email protected], Piotr Matczak, [email protected]

Dealing with Climate Change Related Uncertainties: Shifts in Flood Protection Policies in the Tisza River Basin

Tobias Arnoldussen, [email protected]

The axioms of Precaution: Precautionary Logic and our Relation to Nature

Nuclear Power

(Chairs: Aiste Balzekiene; Leonardas Rinkevicius) (Saturday 11.00-12.30)

Aiste Balzekiene, [email protected] ; Leonardas Rinkevicius, [email protected]

‘No, thanks’ or ‘Yes, please’? Social Perceptions of Nuclear Power in Lithuania

José Mendes, [email protected]; Pedro Araújo , [email protected]

Protest, justice, citizenship and environmental rehabilitation: the worth of death and the value of life

Michael Stauffacher, [email protected]; Pius Krütli, Corinne Moser & Roland W. Scholz

The societal context of individual risk perception – an empirical investigation of the acceptance of disposal projects for nuclear waste in Switzerland

Magdalena Gadomska, [email protected],

Lay attitudes towards nuclear technologies

Social Policy

(Chair: NN) (Saturday 13.30-15.00)

Orla Gough, [email protected]; Roberta Adami, [email protected]

Sustainability and uncertainty of pension provisions in Europe

Aliye Sergiyenko, [email protected]

Main Trends and Varieties in Social Security Threats in Siberian Regions

Jennifer Hugh, [email protected]

Incentives and Sanctions: Shifting Patterns of Risk Management in the Welfare State

Filipa Menezes, [email protected]

Modernity Risk Dynamics & Social Inequalities: A Case-study on Homelessness in Paris, Lisbon and London

HIV – Aids

(Chair: NN) (Saturday 15.30-17.00)

Ieva Pranka, [email protected]

HIV infection risk groups’ possibilities to integrate into labour market. Latvian example

Phil C. Langer, [email protected]; Angela Kühner, [email protected]; Jochen Drewes, [email protected]

HIV Risks Reduction Strategies among Gay and Bisexual Men and the Production of Risks in Prevention Discourse

Fátima Frade, [email protected]; Fausto Amaro, [email protected]

HIV/AIDS risk perception among HIV positive women

Jochen Kleres,

The social organization of AIDS

Stream C

Terror – Security

(Chair: Gabe Mythen)

Session I (Friday 9.00-10.30)

Derek McGhee,

Pulling Together? Consensus, Security & Human Rights in the UK

Klaus P. Japp,

The struggle with terrorism and political authenticity

Gabe Mythen,

‘Prevention of Terror’, or ‘Terror of Prevention’? Victimization, Risk and Regulation Amongst Young British Muslims

Piet Sellke,, Richard Amlot, Brooke Rogers, James Rubin

Public Information Responses After Terrorist Events (PIRATE)

Session II (Friday 13.30-15.00)

Elisa Pieri,

Risky Identities and the UK Biometric ID Cards

McGuinness, Martina,

‘Insurer of last resort’ and ‘Lender of last resort’: exploring continuity and discontinuity in UK governmental risk regulation

Chojnacki Włodzimierz,

Changes in Global Strategy of Fighting on Terror from Bush to Obama Strategies

José Vegar,

The Cell and the borders – information possession and circulation in jihadist terrorism and security investigation.