Stream A


(Chairs: Jens Zinn; Tom Burns)

Session I (Thursday 9.00-10.30)

Jens Zinn, [email protected]

A sociology of risk and uncertainty

João Areosa, [email protected] ; Hélder Raposo, [email protected]

Risk and health: Epidemiology and the new forms of governance

Luigi Pellizzoni, [email protected]

Risk and responsibility in a manufactured world

Mariolina Graziosidi, [email protected]

Risks of the risk society: Regessive ego and fear of freedom

Session II (Thursday 13.30-15.00)

Mikko Jauho, [email protected]

Setting up the risk society? The rise of the epidemiological risk factor model into Finnish public health research and policy

Anna Fici, [email protected]; Valentina Punzo, [email protected]

Risks in an interdisciplinary prospective. The advantages of a simulative approach: study-case analysis

Tom R. Burns, [email protected]; Nora Machado, [email protected]; Vitor Barros [email protected]

The riskiness of some persistent taxonomies: A methodological and ethical note

Distributed Paper:

Carmen Diego Gonçalves, [email protected]

Seismic hazard on the ambit of sociology of risk and uncertainty


(Chair: Marko Ahteensuu) (Thursday 15.30-17.00)

Marko Ahteensuu, [email protected], Helena Siipi, [email protected]

Public consultations and democracy – The Case of GMOs in the EU

Beatriz Xavier, [email protected]

The implementation of medical advances: the constitution of Intensive Care Medicine as new speciality in a central hospital

Alexandros Khoury, [email protected], Athanasia Chalari, [email protected]

Reflexivity and Deliberative Modes of Governance in the Context of EU Risk Regulation

Pedro Duarte, [email protected]

Ecology: Public disputes and controversies – Forms of political mobilization

Distributed Paper:

Marko Ahteensuu, [email protected]

Environmental Risk Governance and Citizen Input. An Analysis of Decision Outcome-Based Arguments

Everyday Life & Life Course

Session I (Chair: Sarah Moore) (Friday 9.00-10.30)

Marta Martins, [email protected]

Condominiums, risk and quality of Life. A discussion (also) about the city – a trip over the contradictory space?

Sarah Moore, [email protected]

Drinking like the Guys or Drinking with the Girls? The Role of ‘Risk-Talk’ in British Female University Students’ Stories of Alcohol


Susana Silva, [email protected]

Viewing assisted reproductive technologies’ risks and uncertainties through the lens of ecologies of knowledge and action: promises and challenges

Janine Winterbottom, [email protected]; Ciara Kierans; Ann Jacoby; Gus Baker;

The phenomena of preparing for pregnancy challenged by risk: a case study of a woman with epilepsy

Session II (Chair: Stefanie Kley) (Friday 13.30-15.00)

Silke Roth, [email protected]

Dealing with Danger – Risk and Security in the Everyday Lives of Aid Workers

Ulla Karin Nordänger, [email protected]; Per Lindqvist [email protected];

School-staging and back-watching – teachers strategies in risk-conscious schools

Annalisa Murgiam [email protected]

Between work and non-work. Risk transitions through life stories and everyday life

Stefanie Kley, [email protected]

Leaving the city in the face of unemployment and unemployment risk


(Chair: Patrick Brown; Michael Calnan) (Saturday 9.00-10.30)

Patrick Brown, [email protected], Michael Calnan, [email protected]

An ‘ideal-type’ of trust? Using Schutz to relate trust in systems to trust in individual professionals in the context of mental health services

Alexander Lascaux, [email protected]

Trust in the health care system: The risks of placing confidence in professional communities

Kayhan Delibas, [email protected], [email protected]

The Social Dynamics of Rumours in the Age of Risk and Uncertainty – The Relationship between Rumours, Risk, Uncertainty and Erosion of Social Trust in Turkey

Atte Oksanen, [email protected], Pekka Räsänen, [email protected]

Mass violence and social insecurity: the case of school shootings in Finland

Hospital Safety and Health Surveillance

Session I (Chair: Anu Suokas) (Saturday 11.00-12.30)

Nicola Mackintosh, & J. Sandall, [email protected]

The construction of risks and uncertainties in relation to the avoidable death

Susanna Finlay & J. Sandall, [email protected]

Regulating the uncertainty and risk of technique-centred innovations in healthcare

Sylvie Célérier [email protected], Thomas Amosse, [email protected], Anne Fretel, [email protected]

Occupational risks in France, the difficulties of an incentive system to encourage prevention

Session II (Chair: Martin Stevens) (Saturday 13.30-15.00)

Anu Suokas, [email protected]

Managing risk and uncertainty: the organisational dynamics of early warning systems

Marit Solbjør, [email protected]

Risks of health surveillance: the case of mammography screening in Norway

Martin Stevens, [email protected]

Reducing the risk? The operation of a barring and vetting scheme in care services in England and Wales


(Chair: Hanne Opdebeeck) (Saturday 15.30-17.00)

Maria João Simões, [email protected], Amélia Augusto, [email protected]

Surveillance, Ambivalence and Public Participation

Chris Young, [email protected]

A changing balance between risk management and rehabilitation? A discourse analysis of prison regimes in Switzerland since 1970

Anne Skevik Grødem [email protected]

Online sexual solicitation of young people: new risk patterns, or old risks in new arenas?

Hanne Opdebeeck, [email protected]

The interactive effect of strain and personal resiliency in the explanation of deviant behaviour: age and gender differences.

Stream B


(Chairs: Anna Olofsson; Susanna Öhman) (Thursday 9.00-10.30)

Jackie Goode, [email protected]

The role of gender dynamics in decisions on credit and debt in low income families

Michèle Amacker, [email protected]; Monica Budowski, [email protected]; Sebastian Schief, [email protected]

Coping with Precariousness – Household Strategies between Objective Constraints and Subjective Scope of Action

Anna Olofsson, [email protected]; Susanna Öhman, [email protected]

Risk perception and risk behaviour in a heterogeneous society: The impact of basic values and experiences of vulnerability

Ute Navidi, [email protected]

‘European Society or European Societies?’ – exploring divisions of age and class through attitudes to risk and uncertainty in play

Organization risk

(Chair: Sytze Kingma) (Thursday 13.30-15.00)

Sytze F. Kingma, [email protected], Natalia Zborowska, [email protected]

“Trans-national risks and the regulation of online gambling in the EU: Exploring Gibraltar as an ‘online gambling haven’”

Christel Backman, [email protected]

How employers construct risk and strategies for risk management in relation to hiring new employees

Pascal Viot, [email protected]

Spatial dimension of risk at major events: the case study of Geneva during Euro 2008

Shirshu Verma, [email protected], Abhishek Vaish, [email protected], Saumya Tripathi, [email protected], Aradhana Pandey, [email protected]

Optimizing uncertainty in complex industry Environment

Alex Coltro, [email protected]

Developing safety institutional culture in a risk society: an ecocentric paradigm

Zoonotic Risk

(Chair: Julie Barnett) (Thursday 15.30-17.00)

Dominic Duckett, [email protected]

An Intersubjective Approach to the Social Amplification of Zoonotic Risk

Julie Barnett, [email protected]

Risk reasoning around pandemic influenza

Afrodita Marcu, Julie Barnett, Marta Brodzinska, & David Uzzell, [email protected]

Risk perceptions of zoonoses in text vs. images: The impact of the social representations of animals

Helene Joffe, [email protected]

Patterns of content in public engagement with zoonotic and other emerging infectious diseases: continuities and discontinuities

Open session

(Chairs: Tobias Arnoldussen)

Session I (Friday 9.00-10.30)

Svetlana Harnisch, [email protected]

Risks of Misunderstanding in Multilingual Networks

W.J. Kortleven LL.M, [email protected]

Preventing child abuse fatalities: a critical investigation of Dutch child abuse inquiries

Elisabeth Anne Sekuła, [email protected]

Dangerous relationships between the autonomy and the nationalism on Upper Silesia (Poland) – the risk or the cultural capital?

Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen [email protected]; Jyri Liukko, [email protected]

Risky solidarity. The limits of insurance as a technology for distributing welfare

Session II (Friday 13.30-15.00)

Angela Cassidy, [email protected], John Maule

“So What Do You Mean by ‘Risk’, Anyway?” UK Stakeholder Knowledge of Food Chain Risks

Külliki Korts, [email protected]

Perception of the Estonian Genome Project: Perceived Risks and Benefits among the Estonian Population

Angela Cassidy and Charlotte Kenton, [email protected]

Vermin, victims and disease: public controversy over badgers and bovine TB in the UK

Session III (Saturday 9.00-10.30)

Pascal Viot, [email protected], Marion Penelas, [email protected], Valérie November, [email protected]

RiskPrint: an exploratory cartography of the spatiality of risks

Marta A. P. de Sousa, [email protected]

Forested commons, community, state and territory? How to limit damage from fire in forested areas, when «taskscapes» are increasingly more and more merely landscapes or natural areas?

Ilona Banaszak, [email protected], Piotr Matczak, [email protected]

Dealing with Climate Change Related Uncertainties: Shifts in Flood Protection Policies in the Tisza River Basin

Tobias Arnoldussen, [email protected]

The axioms of Precaution: Precautionary Logic and our Relation to Nature

Nuclear Power

(Chairs: Aiste Balzekiene; Leonardas Rinkevicius) (Saturday 11.00-12.30)

Aiste Balzekiene, [email protected] ; Leonardas Rinkevicius, [email protected]

‘No, thanks’ or ‘Yes, please’? Social Perceptions of Nuclear Power in Lithuania

José Mendes, [email protected]; Pedro Araújo , [email protected]

Protest, justice, citizenship and environmental rehabilitation: the worth of death and the value of life

Michael Stauffacher, [email protected]; Pius Krütli, Corinne Moser & Roland W. Scholz

The societal context of individual risk perception – an empirical investigation of the acceptance of disposal projects for nuclear waste in Switzerland

Magdalena Gadomska, [email protected],

Lay attitudes towards nuclear technologies

Social Policy

(Chair: NN) (Saturday 13.30-15.00)

Orla Gough, [email protected]; Roberta Adami, [email protected]

Sustainability and uncertainty of pension provisions in Europe

Aliye Sergiyenko, [email protected]

Main Trends and Varieties in Social Security Threats in Siberian Regions

Jennifer Hugh, [email protected]

Incentives and Sanctions: Shifting Patterns of Risk Management in the Welfare State

Filipa Menezes, [email protected]

Modernity Risk Dynamics & Social Inequalities: A Case-study on Homelessness in Paris, Lisbon and London

HIV – Aids

(Chair: NN) (Saturday 15.30-17.00)

Ieva Pranka, [email protected]

HIV infection risk groups’ possibilities to integrate into labour market. Latvian example

Phil C. Langer, [email protected]; Angela Kühner, [email protected]; Jochen Drewes, [email protected]

HIV Risks Reduction Strategies among Gay and Bisexual Men and the Production of Risks in Prevention Discourse

Fátima Frade, [email protected]; Fausto Amaro, [email protected]

HIV/AIDS risk perception among HIV positive women

Jochen Kleres, [email protected]

The social organization of AIDS

Stream C

Terror – Security

(Chair: Gabe Mythen)

Session I (Friday 9.00-10.30)

Derek McGhee,[email protected]

Pulling Together? Consensus, Security & Human Rights in the UK

Klaus P. Japp, [email protected]

The struggle with terrorism and political authenticity

Gabe Mythen, [email protected]

‘Prevention of Terror’, or ‘Terror of Prevention’? Victimization, Risk and Regulation Amongst Young British Muslims

Piet Sellke, [email protected], Richard Amlot, Brooke Rogers, James Rubin

Public Information Responses After Terrorist Events (PIRATE)

Session II (Friday 13.30-15.00)

Elisa Pieri, [email protected]

Risky Identities and the UK Biometric ID Cards

McGuinness, Martina, [email protected]

‘Insurer of last resort’ and ‘Lender of last resort’: exploring continuity and discontinuity in UK governmental risk regulation

Chojnacki Włodzimierz, [email protected]

Changes in Global Strategy of Fighting on Terror from Bush to Obama Strategies

José Vegar, [email protected]

The Cell and the borders – information possession and circulation in jihadist terrorism and security investigation.