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Final Program for the Yokohama Conference
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More than 220 abstract submissions for the Yokohama conference!
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This edition starts with two reports on the highlights of the Research Network 22 “Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty” during the ESA Conference in Torino.

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Welcome to the fourth edition of the SoRU Newsletter. This edition begins with an interesting piece from Latin America by Stella Pérez.

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Dear colleagues, A new year has started and the Research Network on Risk and Uncertainty has been very active.

SoRU Newsletter #2

Download the SoRU Newsletter #2, December 2012

SoRU Newsletter #1

SoRU Newsletter Oct 2012

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to present the second issue of the sociology of risk and uncertainty (SoRU) research group’s bi-monthly newsletter.

We received a very positive response to the first edition, and we hope readers feel the same about the second issue, but most importantly, that our readers also become active participants in the process of building a newsletter that truly reflects their interests and needs. Thus, we would like to invite you all to share with us information on publications, conferences, job opportunities, and whatever you may find of interest to our research network.

This edition reports on past events on risk and contains many calls for papers for upcoming conferences, among which we would like to highlight the 2013 ESA Conference. Our Research Network 22 is holding a session and the deadline for sending abstracts is February 1st 2013. In addition, we would like to invite you all to our Mid-Term Conference on Risk and Uncertainty, which will take place in Amsterdam, from 23-25 January 2013.

Beyond exchanging information, we aim to create an arena in this newsletter for an academic debate on theoretical and empirical issues in risk research, from the perspective of the social sciences. In this vein, Patrick Brown has invited us to reflect on “hope” as a copying strategy for dealing with risk and uncertainty. The ambiguous relationships between risk and rationality have been constitutive of the theoretical foundation of the discipline of risk sociology while trust has also been a popular theme in risk research. Drawing our attention to hope, the author claims that it is a strategy that more readily recognizes uncertainty instead of trying to tame it or bracket if off. Patrick thus calls for [...]